Wedding Registry

Gifts are just one of many options when it comes to setting up a wedding registry.

The wedding registry is a service nearly all couples setup, and it is typically put together 5 to 6 months before the wedding date. You can setup your wedding registry in store with the assistance and guidance of a wedding consultant or create it yourself in your own home. A wedding registry usually consists of either gifts, a donation to a charity, or a contribution towards something the couple is saving for like the honeymoon or help with a down payment on their first house. One of the biggest trends in the same-sex marriage industry is that there are many couples decide to go with a donation or cause contribution because they either a) already lived together for a long period or b) have a significant income as both parties have established full-time jobs. Typically it is gifts though, and the couple selects two or three stores based upon their desired wish list, how friendly they are to wedding registry customers, and the price range of their products. Creating a wedding registry that has a return or exchange restrictive policy can pose an issue should you have second thoughts on something you received.

There are usually hotspots in your city where everyone has their wedding registries, some common ones known for great service including Kohl’s and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. If you are looking for local gay friendly vendors instead of these national chains, you can check out our Gay Wedding Ideas certified vendors list which includes some companies that offer wedding registry services as well.

Our recommendation is to have a three items per one guest ratio to give guests options. If you don’t know exactly what you want or need, stores with wedding registries will often provide checklists of items couples commonly desire. Keep in mind and select a wide range of price points as well. Guests can team up on expensive items or buy several cheap ones if you choose this rout. Some stores give 10-20% discounts on items you don’t receive in the registry but wish to buy afterwards.

It is still taboo to list where you are registered on your wedding invitations, so give your guests a strong nudge in the right direction so they don’t forget how much your registry means to you!