wedding cakes

Know your wedding’s color scheme

Try to limit yourself to similar colors of the schemes you came up with for your wedding ceremony and reception. For example, if you decided to have a wedding theme that emphasized sky blue and wedding day white pantones, pink colored wedding cakes are not going to fit in too well. Use all the wedding resources at your disposal such as GayWeddingIdeas, Pinterest, magazines, and discussing with friends/family to find the best wedding cake options for you.



What mood are you trying to create?

Do you want a funny atmosphere? What about an exciting one? Colors evoke emotion, and the right shades will help bring forth the mood that you want. Do you go with a two-color scheme representing the colors of your significant other and you coming together? Do you go for a laugh with a plastic display of the two brides (or grooms) kicking the traditional bride or groom off the top of the cake? These are just some of the ideas to create the perfect mood.

wedding cakes


What type of ingredients will be in the wedding cake?

Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are just a few of the flavors of typical wedding cakes. Are you prepared for the cost associated with it? Wedding cakes can run from $2 to $15 per slice, and premium ingredients such as butter cream icing can add up in a hurry. The ingredients can also determine how the cake holds up with different weather. Watch out for creams and custards, they can’t withstand warm weather.Try to substitute fruit or butter cream instead.

Pick a Reputable Bakery! 

Price, ingredients, and design are all essential to great wedding cakes. Most important is the place you buy it from. Wedding cakes run several hundred to several thousand dollars. Knowing the product will be delivered on time, prepared the right way (imagine food poisoning on the honeymoon) and satisfies your taste buds are all essential. We recommend shopping around and taste testing a variety of different wedding cakes at many local bakeries before you make a big investment.

wedding cakes