wedding flowers

A classic example of wedding flowers: the wedding bouquet. The bouquet traditionally consists of roses.

The How to Guide to Selecting Wedding Flowers

All wedding flowers have a meaning, every floral arrangement a purpose. Your wedding flowers selections should be completely unique to every couple, an expression of feelings such as love, passion, and joy. Selecting the perfect floral selection for you wedding can be tough, but we are here to help you pluck the best ones for the big day. Let’s get to it!

Let’s narrow the range of wedding flower possibilities first. Flower factors to consider are if your desired flowers out of season, too expensive, or hard to get. If you are a bride and your favorite flower is roses and you want rose petals sprinkled down the walk to the altar, it may be a bad idea because it could stain the bottom of the white gown you are wearing.

Now that you have shortened your wedding flowers list, there are a variety of ways to add on to wedding flowers with jewels, fruits, and other materials. The jewels can accent the wedding flowers, the theme, or any other part you wish to coordinate with. Jewels can be faux diamonds, pearls attached to pins that go in the stem of the flower, and everything in-between. Fruits like orange slices cut into a small vase that the flowers go into, or a dozen flowers supported in a hollowed out melon. Placing them next to scented candles is not a bad idea as well. Au natural is always an easy and convenient option as well.

Next up on the path to the perfect floral design is whether to incorporate silk flowers into the wedding flowers equation. Otherwise known as artificial flowers, silk offers many benefits that real flowers don’t. They are not chemically altered, they don’t produce a carbon footprint, they are low maintenance, and they won’t trigger any guest’s allergies. The name “fresh cut flower” today use preservatives to maintain freshness while they are flown in big batches from overseas, and typically don’t look nearly as nice as the online picture displays. Given these reasons, silk flowers aren’t a bad idea for your wedding flowers selections.

The last but certainly not least decision on your wedding flower selections is the bouquet. You don’t have to have one and you certainly don’t have to throw it, but it is tradition for the bride to throw it to the crowd of single women for good luck. The bouquet should be a mix of flowers that best represent who you and your significant other are, and it does not have to include roses like it traditionally used to.