Cruise the Mediterranean

Beautiful Santorini, Greece. One of the many places to visit when you cruise the Mediterranean.

Cruise the Mediterranean

Your big day is coming up but you still haven’t picked the perfect spot for you and your significant other to begin your lives as a married couple together. You want to go somewhere romantic, explore new surroundings, and memorable. Where can you find the ideal combination of these goals? Cruise the Mediterranean! Let’s take a look at all these aspects in further detail:

Romantic- Clear skies and crystal clear water surround you throughout your journey as you visit some of the most beautiful places such as Barcelona, Spain, Crete, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey. You will have the opportunity to see the sun rise and sun set in a variety of different locations, relax by the pool, and treat yourself to a wonderful couple massage while you cruise the Mediterranean.

Some romantic hotspots to see when you cruise the Mediterranean:

Cleopatra’s Beach on Turkey’s south Mediterranean coast, where Mark Antony allegedly attempted to the leader of Egypt by leading her to the pink tinted sand beach.
The French Rivera (also called the Côte d’Azur) located at the edge of southeastern France and runs through the country of Morocco. A huge summer tourist and celebrity vacation site during the summer months thanks to its great balance of beaches, places to visit, cuisine, and is home to the Cannes Film Festival each May.
Le Lavandou, which are for those couples that want all the things that make the French Rivera a romantic site without the tourism and size. The small, intimate village is 40 miles from the village of Tropez located in southeastern France. Normally a destination reserved for luxury cruise liners, so you may need to hunt around if Le Lavandou is circled on your travel itinerary.

Exploring New Surroundings- This is where a multi-stop, multi-week cruise the Mediterranean honeymoon would be ideal. The Mediterranean Ocean is surrounded by 21 countries. Some countries of historical and cultural significance: Egypt, France, Greece, Spain, and Turkey to name a few. While it’s impossible to see all of the churches, museums, beaches, and other landmarks in that amount of time, here are our top three sights for exploring when you cruise the Mediterranean:

Elounda Spinalonga (Kalydon) Island is home of the ancient fortress used from 3000-900BC to protect the Island of Crete in Greece from enemy attacks and invasion. The original wooden model was used until 1574, when the Venetians built the modern version toured today. The Island by Victoria Hislop is a great source to read up on to give you an idea of the island’s rich history.
Doge’s Place in Venice, Italy is the headquarters of the 1,000 year reign of the Republic of Venice and is surrounded by museums, shops, and landmarks throughout the period. The Secret Itineraries tour is well worth it and getting to see the full government branch sites and the Bridge of Sigh are treats as well.
Montazah Royal Gardens in Alexandria, Egypt is on 350 acres, half of which is dedicated to Egypt’s finest floral arrangements. They also offer various activities such as water sports, sailing, and the ability for a long walk up and down Corniche next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Memorable- The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, San Francesco di Paola church in Naples, and roaming the street of La Rambla in Barcelona are just a few of the memorable places to see. What makes a trip ultimately memorable is doing what ultimately suits you and your partner’s interests. It is hard to find a better mix of culture, history, shopping, and fun in the sun than spending a few weeks to cruise the Mediterranean. There is a reason empires rose and fell, modern civilization was born, and why so many people decide to cruise the Mediterranean year in and year out. Don’t miss out!