A honeymoon doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. Spending time in the quiet and simple countryside is an example of a great honeymoon experience on a budget.

Don’t Skip Your Honeymoon

Between the fittings, the meetings, and the number of tasks needed to put on your dream wedding, you might let the idea of a honeymoon go. Don’t. Think about all the great memories you and your significant other have shared. What made them memorable? It certainly wasn’t writing thank you notes, paying bills, or having to sweat about all the deadlines at work. No, it was about a moment shared together, a symbol of their love, a new experience you hadn’t enjoyed before. A honeymoon gives you the opportunity to do all those things and more, on any sized budget.

The first days as a married couple begin with the honeymoon. It is an opportunity to, get away from everyday causes of stresses and just embrace a wonderful and unique time in your lives. Staying at a nearby bed and breakfast can be the same as a five star resort in Cancun or exploring the streets of Paris if you want it to be. Imagine holding hands and embracing it other as you gaze at the stars or pack a picnic and take a walk in the park nearby. There are plenty of free or cheap ways to spend quality time on a honeymoon with your significant other if you want to.

A honeymoon is a necessary celebration that brings out the best in both of you and makes for the ideal soft landing into spending the rest of your lives as a happy couple together. The wedding is not always; siblings, relatives, and other friends you have as a couple are trying to standout in their roles as well and potentially try to make it about them, not you. Don’t make the mistake of not giving yourselves the needed relaxation and enjoyment the honeymoon period allows as a couple; a great way to ease down the road to a long and wonderful marriage.