Honeymoon Budget

4 Ways to Stretch Your Honeymoon Budget

If you have been to several wedding before, you know the drill by now: The bride and groom say “I do,” they mark the wonderful experience with friends and family and then get to share a critical time period alone as they begin their lives a married couple.

But what if you don’t think that is realistically possible? What if you can’t afford the ultimate honeymoon package you desired? Should you just settle for a quick weekend getaway?

Only you and your significant other can determine your route. However, if you want to try and stretch your honeymoon budget and achieve most or all of your entire dream honeymoon, we are here to help. Check out these four tips to stretch your honeymoon budget and make it happen!

1.)    Prior Planning Is Essential: Airfares rates are typically at the cheapest at around the six week mark in the before the departure date. Hotels, cruise lines, and resorts all have these types of discounts at certain time periods before their departure, so take advantage!

2.)    Make the honeymoon part of your registry: as discussed in the gift registry of the Gay Wedding Ideas planning tools tab, a registry does not have to be just basic gifts but can also be things like donations or cash. Who needs three high end blenders when you can have a night at your ideal hotel for the same price? List things such as airfare, hotels, prepaid meals, or other activities you would like to do on your honeymoon such as visiting a historic museum or art gallery.

3.)    Short, Sweet, and to the Point- Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go for two weeks instead of three or have to stay at a budget hotel to make your honeymoon budget work. The key thing to ask yourselves as a couple is if the cost/benefit analysis worth it? Will you or your significant other’s experience be tarnished by this decision? While the rich and famous don’t have to worry about these problems, you should consider how your honeymoon budget effects you and your significant other every step of the way given that you only get one honeymoon to get your marriage started off right.

4.) Talk Your Local Friendly Travel Agent- Contrary to popular belief, travel agents are still important and can be far more reasonable and accommodating than a calculated computer system that offers packages and discounts like Kayak or Expedia. Find someone who specializes in honeymoon travel, and be open and honest about your honeymoon budget and expectations. Travel agents can also be a great resource for creating the efficient and eventful travel itinerary.