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 Engagement Party 101

You used one of our  proposal ideas to create the perfect  proposal, and they said yes! What’s the best way to share this awesome news with all of your friends and family? An engagement party!  What’s better than getting all of your friends and family together for a big party to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Plus it helps with getting everyone acquainted.

Who throws the engagement party should be determined between the two of you. The party does not have to happen a couple days after the engagement. Shoot for having it around 9 to 12 months before your wedding date, so you leave time for wedding planning. Attire for engagement parties can vary from business casual to something more fun and relaxed.

Let’s move on to the other little details of the engagement party: decorations, etiquette, activities, and food. Decorations should definitely include photos of you and your significant other. Ask friends and family to chip in with photos of you as well. Flowers, candles, and balloons are also ways to decorate the venue.


Invite etiquette is flexible for an engagement party. When creating a guest list, only invite those who you want to potentially attend your wedding. Inviting those who may not attend your wedding would be awkward and disappointing.  A gift registry can be created for guests who choose to bring a small token of appreciation. Gifts are not expected at engagement parties, so take anything you receive as a bonus.


Typically, the main event at an engagement party are the speeches from the fathers. But, you should also allow anyone else who has a few kind words to share them. Do not plan on opening gifts like you would at other events. Other activities are your choice, but try to get everyone involved. Some ideas are a game of True or False (about you and your significant other), karaoke, bingo and charades.


engagement party

Food and drink can vary from finger foods and wine to wings, pizza, and beer. What you decide is your choice, but make sure to account for food allergies as well as lifestyle choices, like vegetarians. No matter what, two things are essential: an engagement cake and a beverage to toast to (ex. champagne or white grape sparkling cider).