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Eight Ideas For The Perfect Wedding Proposal

You’re in love and now you want to take your commitment to the next level with a proposal of marriage. There are an infinite number of ways to pop the question, so you’ll have to decide just how creative you’re prepared to be. Think about moments in your relationship that make it so special. Inside jokes, unique experiences and the first place you met are all great avenues to explore.  Here are eight  proposal ideas to get your creative juices flowing for the perfect proposal!

Public Proposal

1.)  A Disney Proposal

Want to reminiscence in your childhood again and announce your proposal on one of the biggest stages in front of thousands of people? Then Disney can make that happen! Take a ride on one of their romantic cruises, book the Glass Slipper Engagement at Disney World, or propose in the pixie dust at Disneyland. No matter which Disney location you decide on, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and rest of the crew are there to give you a magical and memorable proposal.

2.)    Hire a skywriter

Skywriters are a unique way to make your proposal known to the world! They typically are very expensive (around $2,000), but this would definitely make the proposal unforgettable. Make sure to pick a day with clear skies and at a reasonable time for both of you can get together.

3.)    Fireworks Display

A great reminder of the sparks that flew when you met, a fireworks display is an interesting way to pop the question. This will need to be done by a pyrotechnical professional, but it is an elaborate proposal that will leave your significant other speechless. Try it out on the beach at night!

4.)  Personalized Balloons

These can be sent to their workplace with a bouquet of their favorite flowers. Hire a balloon artist to personalize your balloons with your message, and then propose right after the surprise arrives!

In-Home Proposal

1.)    The Classic Flower Proposal

This is the “you’d see it in the movies” type of proposal, but it is a classic and one of the best gay proposal ideas because it is such a well-known engagement idea. It typically consists of red roses, which is the flower that represents love and romance. Sprinkle a trail of petals on the floor to your designated proposal place. Light some candles, wait for your significant other, and enjoy the big moment!

2.)    Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

How can something so delicious help pop the question? Ben and Jerry’s have custom labels available for any flavor of ice cream. Simply go to your local Ben and Jerry’s store, request it, and they’ll take it from there. Tell your bride or groom to be about the ice cream you just bought in the freezer, and get down on one knee as they come running back into the room!

3.)    Dress up your pets

Who said man’s best friend can’t give him/her one more assist? Whether it’s a dog or another pet, dress them up in a mini-tuxedo and get them to go find your significant other. Depending on how comfortable you feel about it, you can place the ring in the box and strap it to them or keep it for when your significant other sees them. Either way this will be quite an interesting proposal idea to share with your friends!

4.)    A puzzle

Create a custom puzzle by sending in a picture of the message you want to show such as “Will You Marry Me?” It will have to be short, sweet, and easy to build. It would be a great way to build the anticipation of the moment! There are a variety of online services that can help you with this proposal such as My Personal Puzzle.