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Hey all you Brides and Grooms to be!

Here’s a list of 5 wedding myths that have been found to be completely untrue!

 1)   You have to wear a white wedding dress or a wedding dress at all.

If you’ve never envisioned yourself in a wedding dress, you really don’t have to sweat about trying to make it work for traditions sake! This is your big day and your friends and family will find you enchanting in whatever you pick to portray your style!


2)   If you went to their wedding, you have to invite them to yours.

You want the people you really love and have close relationships with to come to your wedding! Just because someone invited you to their wedding, doesn’t mean that you’re a terrible person if you don’t invite them to yours!


3)   Every little detail needs to be perfect.

Breathe you wedding planning machine, you! Whether you’ve had every excruciating detail planned out since you were six, or you’re just throwing ideas together on a whim, the wedding is going to be beautiful! You have a whole party planning team of friends or family to help you get through the details. Don’t forget to delegate some responsibilities to that fiancé too!



4)   You need to have a one year engagement.

The engagement is up to the discretion of the couple! If you want to get married in six months, then more power to you! If you want to get married in 5 years, that works too! Just be sure to give yourself the appropriate amount of time to plan for the type of wedding you want. Obviously, the bigger the wedding, the more time you’ll need.




5)   You’ll never look as good as you did on your wedding day.

This is the most ridiculous myth of all! The wedding is just the beginning of a million beautiful moments you’ll be having with your significant other! This is a day where you will look absolutely stunning, but it wont be the last time you and your husband or wife look gorgeous together.

Now that these outdated myths have been dismissed for good, you can go on to having the perfect wedding the way you want it to be!


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