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The rainbow has been one of the most recognizable symbols for the gay rights movement since the 70’s. It is also super energetic, fun, and provides an atmosphere all of its own.  But how can you incorporate rainbows into your special day without making it look like rainbow road from Mario Kart?  Here are some subtle ways that others have creatively included the rainbow in their ceremony.

1) The Cake


(Here are some fun examples of rainbow wedding cakes)

The cake is a great way to utilize the rainbow! If you are looking for a more sleek and sophisticated look, include rainbow layers on the inside of a white cake. If you want to go with a more extravagant cake, try the cake pop rainbow shown in the bottom right corner of the pictures above. The wedding cake is a great way to reflect your personality and it’s a good place to go a little over the top if you’re feeling daring.

2) The Bridesmaids/Groomsmen


(As you can see, you can go as vivid or subtle as you want)

The best part about dressing your bridesmaids/groomsmen up in rainbow is it can be as noticeable or subtle as you want it to be. You can have the bridesmaid dresses be a simple color such as black or tan and then add rainbow accessories such as flowers, shoes, or hair accessories. The same goes for the groomsmen; above they are wearing rainbow suspenders and shoes. Other ideas include having rainbow shirts under their jackets or if you want to keep it simple have them wear rainbow ties and sunglasses.

3) The Tables/ Other wedding Decorations


(Pinterest is a great place to find hundreds of DIY rainbow wedding decorations)

The decorations can be tricky because you really want the rainbow coloring to emphasize the room and its beauty, not dominate it. Having wedding tables with rainbow decorations are a fun and light hearted way to incorporate the rainbow. Try to steer clear of tables that are completely covered in rainbow. This can be too much and tends to make the entire room look busy and smaller than it actually is.

 So there you have it, those are some fun and easy ways to incorporate the rainbow into your wedding day!  If you have any suggestions or personal stories you’d like to share about your colorful wedding day, comment below!


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