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Wedding cakes can be expensive and unless you really love the look and taste, they might  not be worth the bucks. Here are 5 ideas for dessert bars that you can use in order to get a smaller cake or to ditch the boring wedding cake all together!

1) The classic ice cream bar

Ice cream is the easiest people pleaser dessert in the history of sweets. Just have cups of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and include all of your favorite toppings! This delightful dessert bar will be cheap and fun for everybody!

2) The donut bar

The donut bar would help you to explore many different flavors for your wedding dessert. Also, the different colors and textures of the donuts themselves could add to the ambiance of your wedding reception!

3) The make-your-own-trail-mix bar

This bar is perfect for any outdoor or country wedding! This is a creative, healthy alternative to cake. Simply leave out all of the trail mix essentials such as peanuts, granola, raisins, M&M’s and whatever else you think tastes great! You’re guests will love making trail mix with their perfect ratios of your trail mix ingredients.

4) Cheesecake Bar

Yes, I’m serious. This bar is quick and easy to do. All you need is a few mason jars and cheesecake toppings! Get as creative as you want with the jars to really make these wedding desserts personal!

5) Popcorn Bar

If you’re not into sweets then this is the bar for you! This is another great option for outdoor and country weddings. Popcorn and its toppings are really cheap and delicious! Be sure to have a bunch of different seasonings for your guests to try!

All of these dessert bars are cheap and entertaining ways to swap out the big expensive wedding cake and go for something you actually really want to eat! Also, all of these bars give your guests some options, so if you’re dealing with a tough crowd of picky eaters, maybe including this bar will help make you and your guests happy!


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