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You hate public speaking, and now the moment of truth is upon you. Something you never thought would happen has become a reality: Your best friend is getting married and you’re the best man.

Step 1: Make an outline. It really helps a lot! Break off into sections like: Things you love about your best friend, things you like about his fiancé, adorable anecdotes of you two as children, charming things you two did that got you into trouble, cute friendship quotes that you found on Pinterest. Remember to keep it clean! If you were even thinking about touching the college years of your friendship, think again mister!

Step 2: Pick your favorites from your outline. Now that you have all the stories you could possibly want to include in this speech, you have an easier visual of the things you’d want to say and how to make it flow better.  Notice how some stories have easier transitions into each other; those are the ones you’re going to want to use. Pick your favorite quote then look for the story that goes with it the best.

Maybe reference Steak Night in your speech!

Maybe reference Steak Night in your speech!

  Step 3: Don’t be afraid to make it a little emotional. This is your best friend getting married, no one will judge you for tearing up a little — except maybe your best friend. Make this speech yours!




Step 4: Practice, Practice, Practice! You’ve probably told these stories millions of times, but never in a crowded room full of every single person you know! It’s easy to blank out sometimes, so its best to practice a couple times beforehand. Don’t try to memorize word for word, you don’t want to sound like a robot up there! Memorize the first sentence of each story or transition and you’ll notice it sounds way more conversational and natural.


See, writing a best man speech isn’t that hard! If only your high school public speaking teacher was here to see you now in all your glory! You’re going to have a great time and with these steps you’ll see the speech is over before you know it!


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